About Koffie Mortier

"The step from coffee drinker to coffee roaster is not one I took lightly. Roasting coffee is the final step in an incredible journey. The beans you pour into that roaster have passed through countless skilled hands. It cost a lot of sweat, expertise, care and a couple of thousand miles to get that rare, wonderful coffee to your doorstep. And in about ten minutes, you do that product justice. Or not.

I started Koffie Mortier with the desire to make it great. Not "decent", "good" or even "profitable". I owe that to the people that farmed, picked, processed and cupped it, and to the people that drink it. Feel free to contact us with feedback, questions or gentle criticism."

- Pieter Mortier -

We use a small, modified Probatino 1kg machine to determine the right roasting profile for every bean. Every single roast is cupped before packing, and every coffee is selected with a lot of attention for quality and respect for those that grew and handled it.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to serve our coffee in your bar/office or if you want to spice up your retail coffee shelve in your store.

You can find Koffie Mortier at: 

- Full Circle Coffee, Gent
- Barcyclette, Kortrijk

- Li O Lait, Brugge
- De Mokke, Sint-Amandsberg